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Since 2020 we are dedicated to build solutions for a more sustainable and fair future. Our team is made up of skilled people who share the same vision and innovative mindset to make this ambitious project a success.

We built an entire network with a simple goal: to put impact in the heart of payment. Today we’re working together to expand our field and be at the core of every DeFi and CeFi transaction systems.

$Treeb is your token

$TREEB is an an utility and governance asset for the Retreeb community, which has a fixed supply and variable value.
It is an ERC-20 token built on Fantom Opera, that can be staked for rewards. Using $TREEB to vote on the Impact Launchpad empowers you to be an actor of the Impact Web3.

Become a token holder

Buy $Treeb
Buy $Treeb

Vote for your favorite project & contribute

VOTE with $treeb
VOTE with $treeb

Stake your tokens & earn rewards

Stake $treeb
Stake $treeb


In order to achieve full transparency and decentralization, the projects financed by Retreeb are chosen by the token holders. This way we can ensure that there are no personal interests in the value redistribution.

The impact launchpad is the platform that allows token holders to use their governance right. By staking and voting, the community is not only taking part in the consensus process, but also helping to shape a better future.


67% de la supply est déjà en circulation et 100% du vesting Public & Private sales sont distribués.

Découvrez les infos de notre tokenomicks updated.

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  • Private & public sale
  • Team
  • Company reserve
  • Charity funds
  • Ecosystem rewards
  • Marketing /acceleration
  • Swap liquidity

Q1 2024
- Launch LUC 3 Lille (500K Citizens)
- 10K Retreeb users

Q2 2024
- Launch French Capital (Paris)
- 20K Retreeb users

Q3 2024
- 40K Retreeb users

- +150 FSU
💶 600K€ Tx Volume

Q4 2024
- 80K Retreeb users

- +150 FSU

Our technology

CELL® is a high-performance, scalable customizable and secure platform. It is a fast environment to build distributed applications.

We design CELL® in interoperability with the Fantom Foundation that powered by a consensus algorithm, it leverages its speed and fast finality with no risks of congestion or long confirmation times.

(other chains soon)